Parks and Politics Tour

Where idiosyncrasy meets Chile´s distinctive and sometimes isolated political and cultural history.

Begin with a gentle ride through Santiago´s parks chatting about Chilean culture, education and immigration before diving into the hustle and bustle of downtown to explore General Pinochet´s notorious 1973 political coup and its repercussions. Using Santiago´s beautiful green spaces and lively city center, this tour will show you what an important regional and international political player Chile has been since Independence in 1810.

Your experience includes:

Exploring the Providencia neighborhood with stops at Balmaceda Park, early 20th century aristocratic neighborhoods and Bustamante Park.

Exploring the center of Santiago with stops at Plaza Italia, the former United States Embassy, the Diego Portales building, Lastarria Neighborhood, the Presidential Palace and the Paris-London neighborhood.

Departure: 2:30 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $18,000 pesos Chileno includes ice cream