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Lucia Suites, is a hostel in Santiago, Chile. It is one of the top ranked hostels in South America and is endorsed in Lonely Planet, Footprint, Arukikata and Trip Advisor among other popular tour books.


Note: Chileans please add +IVA
Dorms 6 bed share bathroom: $9.000 / US $18 aprox.
Dorms 6 bed private bathroom: $9.000 / US $18 aprox.
Dorms 4 bed share bathroom: $11.000 / US $20 aprox.
Privates (These rooms are private but the bathroom is shared):
Single share bathroom: $17.000 / US $34 aprox.
Twin (2 beds) share bathroom: $22.000 / US $44 aprox.
Triple share bathroom: $33.000 / US $66 aprox.
Quadruple share bathroom: $44.000 / US $88 aprox.
Privates (These rooms are private and have a private bathroom):
Single Private bathroom: $27.000 / US $54 aprox.
Twin private bathroom: $35.000 / US $70 aprox.
Double private bathroom: $33.000 / US $66 aprox.
Triple private bathroom: $41.000 / US $76 aprox.
Quadruple Private bathroom: $49.000 / US $98 aprox.

Group Pricing (10+ guests)

Group pricing (excludes private room with private bathroom) is $10.000 pp/ US $20 aprox.


Sleep in a real bed!

Santiago, Chile – Lucia Suites,  is a charming old converted mansion, providing an intimate setting, with  bedrooms located on 3 floors.  The first reaction from most guests visiting for the first time is they are happy to see a ‘real’ bed.

In addition to our light-filled hostel, on the top floor of the hostel is an open air terrace that provides a beautiful view of Cerro Santa Lucia and the incredible plant and tree life native to Chile (see image below). It is a nice chill place to sit and unwind with a glass of Chilean wine after an adventure filled day in downtown Santiago.

A view of Cerro SantaLucia from the Lucia suites: Photo Courtesy: Thomas Steffen

Shared Dorms:

The first level (2nd floor) of our hostel is suitable for individual travelers and budget travelers. It has shared dormitories (6 beds per room) with a shared bathroom. One dorm is co-ed and the other is females only.

Rates for these rooms begin at $8,000 CLP (approximately $16 USD/night).

Private Rooms with Shared Bathroom:

The second level (3rd floor) is suitable for groups of 3 or more people traveling together (although singles and pairs are welcome). This floor has shared ‘private’ dormitories with a shared bathroom, meaning that only the people you travel with will be sharing the room with you.

Rates for these rooms begin at $10,000 CLP (approximately $20 USD/night).

Private room with shared bathroom at Lucia Suites Santiago, Chile


Private Room with Private Bathroom:

And the third level (4th floor) which are private rooms with a private bathroom are suitable and popular among couples, business executives, researchers and small families. 

Rates for these rooms begin at $25,000 CLP (approximately $50 USD/night).


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